Adding A Spirit Dispenser At Your Bar

Adding a spirit dispenser at your bar? Why you should do this? If you want to find an answer, one is persuaded to take a look on its some pros and cons. Although core purpose of adding spirit dispenser in a bar is to managing and monitoring the quantity of liquor consumption on daily basis. But the question is, is its only purpose? Attention should be given that this blissful accessory can provide one number of benefits as adding more beauty and grace in your club, you can make a cocktail of different drinks in order to provide a unique taste to customers, very easy and fast method to pour liquor in glasses, best way to measure exact quantity while serving your customers, can enhance your sales and many other things to consider. Of course in this way, one can monitor and compare the actual quantity poured with quantity sold. In bars, no doubt one of the major problem which bar owners usually face is to endure abnormal losses on account of wastage. Here comes the best solution and so, people sometimes regard this accessory as most essential equipment or asset of a bar.

Helps in measuring actual sales

Unlikely than any other business, bar and clubs most of the times face problem while recognizing their revenue. They sometimes find it impossible to ascertain how much quantity they sold on daily basis. Of course, if when one consumes open liquor in pegs, don’t you think tracking the record of each and every customer would be a big dilemma? This is the main reason due to which people install spirit dispense in bars.

Problems associated

Apart from its benefits, one should also have to contemplate problems associated for choosing this option. For example, you might lose customer base because they would think that you bar is very stringent in monitoring the quantity of liquor. Moreover, it might cost you high. Apart from it, you also have to purchase a flow meter. An average flow meter starts from 8000 to 9000$ which would be a huge spending of money. Like, it can be said that its initial capitalizing cost is too much and usually large bars and establishments prefer to choose this option.

If on one hand it can make your life easy by dispensing number of considerable benefits, note that on other hand it can be a very costly option. So whenever you think to add this facility at your bar, one is encouraged to consider some important things about its cost and benefits which are mentioned above. No doubt, such consideration would always help you in making decision about the installation of spirit dispenser at your bar. For further details, just visit the company’s website at